Jon's Companies

eLITe Health


After years of trying every "health" supplement on the planet, and learning that they all had ingredients that were "bad", and most were ineffective. I decided to create the best all natural supplements and vitamins ever produced. With no artificial anything and vegetarian friendly options, I have changed the game in the supplement industry.

Combo Packs Are Now Available So You Can Save Big!

eLITe Merch


What started as a fun way to release my creativity, and create my own clothes that were unique and different, has turned into a merch company made available to everyone who like's my "taste" and wants something exclusive and different. I release 3 designs a year, each one available for 4 months or until they sell out. Once they are gone, that design is gone forever.

Death Candy Collection Launches Black Friday!

eLITe Media


Understanding that most brands have no idea where to start in 2020 when it comes to getting their product in front of the right audience, I started eLITe Media. We are experts in creating content that is engaging on social media, understanding where the trends are and how to use them to drive traffic to an objective. 

Our number one goal is to ultimately increase our clients sales, following, engagement and impact.